Clean Slate, Next Level or Starting from Scratch

December 30, 2015 2 Comments

A new year is upon us. How you feel about it will determine which strategies will best help you get the results you really want.

First, let’s determine which of these 3 perspectives applies to you?


1. Clean Slate

Are you excited and optimistic? Even if this year’s results fell short of your goals the New Year is a fresh start, the slate has been wiped clean. Anything is possible!

You get to change things and create the year just the way you want it. It’s like the start of a sports season: no one is the declared winner; history is immaterial; how you play today is what counts!

2. Next Level

You might be feeling more curious and contemplative. You know there’s a next level for you. You’re pretty pleased with what you accomplished this year and have set your sights on bigger and better and are determined to figure out how to make that happen.

3. Starting from Scratch

doubtDo you get the feeling of having to start over? Despite great success this year you question: “Can I do it again?” or maybe you feel the pressure of having to prove yourself… yet AGAIN. The year ahead looks like a whole lot of hard work creating stress and sometimes doubt.

There is no right or wrong perspective. There’s an upside, downside and blind spot for each. Multiple viewpoints isn’t uncommon; you could have one perspective in the area of health and a completely contrary one in the area of business. Understanding your perspective is what will guide your choice of power platform, focus questions and strategic actions for kick-ass results in the NEW YEAR.

Select your perspective(s) and start your Power Platform

Clean Slate

  1. Even if this past year wasn’t everything I’d hoped for, I still had many successes: What were the wins that mattered most to me? List 7-10.
    (I kept going for it counts as a huge win)
  2. What skills did I acquire? The skills I developed and am improving upon are: List 3-5.
  3. What important lessons did I learn? Often, the most powerful lessons come from our mistakes! List 3-5 lessons learned. For extra impact identify how you have already applied these lessons.

Next Level

  1. What skills, that if improved by at least 1-3% would make the most difference in my results?
  2. Who has already achieved the results I want and how can/would I model/emulate them?
  3. What else do I need to learn or better understand in order to achieve my goals for this year?

Starting from Scratch

  1. What worked well for me this past year? List 3-5 specific things that helped you produce your best results. (Mindset, rituals, systems, relationships, etc)
  2. What have proven to be 5 of my greatest strengths and which one(s) have I relied on most heavily?
  3. Of my greatest strengths which one, when focused on and taken to the next level, would produce even better results and more easily?

To Capitalize on the Power of Your Perspective

and Achieve Kick-Ass Results…

Join me for a New Year Preparation Party January 6th at 12pm Pacific.

We’ll take a deep dive into the mysterious power of your perspective to enhance the upside, eliminate or mitigate any downside and shed some light on the blind spots so they no longer trip you up.

Though the training is free, registration is required for access to materials.


Happy Best New Year Ever!!!


About the Author:

Working with Mavericks to Change the World! Sales representatives, top executives, extraordinary athletes and motivated entrepreneurs flock to this speaker and coach to escape from merely competing and embrace their rightful place of winning big and changing the world. Deb’s reputation as an innovator in coaching success pathways precedes her. From London to Australia, this leader patiently shares how to step away from the ordinary.

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  1. Mariana says:

    This is really great. I’m sure everyone of us can find a place we are at in one of these perspectives. The Power Platform questions are developed in a very clever way- a bit of reflection, introspection, and an invitation for laser-focus action. My perspective is definitively The Next Level, and it makes total sense to ask these and move forward with a clear objective. I presented this to our key employees to contemplate on because it’s important for them to know where they are before they figure out where they want to go. Another gem from Deb, for sure. Thank you!

    • Deb Battersby says:

      You’re welcome Mariana,
      If your employees have any questions on how to use this resource just send them along and I’ll be happy to help.

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