Coaching Packages

Maverick Momentum (MM)

Not for the faint of heart or slightly interested, this program is for the bold who expect more of themselves, demand results, and choose to capitalize on the power of compounding.

MM includes six, 90-minute sessions which can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It is tailored to suit your needs, natural pace and rate of desired advancement.

Investment: $3,900.00 US.

Trailblazer Coaching

10 Sessions to 10X More…

More Decisive, More Efficient and More Effective!

This is an intensive program for committed entrepreneurs who demand to get to their next level of performance and potential and chose the fastest path to get there. Deb shares the secrets to success genius and helps you bring them to life in your business.

Maverick Business Builder – Power Coaching

1 year — twice monthly, 1-1 coaching, plus a ½ day personal intensive. We dig into mindset, mechanics and communication mastery that take you and your company to optimal results. This package is designed for the business leader who insists on aggressive and sustainable growth along with increased and reliable profit. Maintaining this dual focus and making effective decisions to support both is the critical advantage you gain in this step-by-step program. 

Silver Bullet/Ad Hoc Coaching

Coach with Deb as Needed

Facing a new challenge? Want to pick Deb’s brain? Need an occasional session to keep you on track or get unstuck? If yes, then this 60-minute session is your ace in the hole. Connect via, phone, skype, or in person (when you’re in Chicago). Your session is recorded for download so you have immediate access, clear objectives and specific actions items to support your success. 

Success Mavericks – Group Coaching

6 weeks of transformative processes, collaborative coaching and live Q&A guaranteed to blast through previous limitations and rise above any and all challenges. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or “extreme” achiever this program is a goldmine of thought and behavioral mastery.