Deborah Battersby

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Working with Mavericks to Change the World

  • There’s a difference between I could…and I did
  • There’s a divide between those who win…and those who participated
  • And there’s a monumental schism between entrepreneurs who succeed…and those who get by.

That difference is Deborah Battersby. Sales representatives, top executives, extraordinary athletes, and motivated entrepreneurs flock to this coach to escape from merely competing and embrace their rightful place of winning big and changing the world.

A Science + Emotional Approach = Success

Combining neuroscience, quantum physics, and an emotional component, Deb challenges assumptions and delves deep to uncover limiting thoughts that prevent profound change. Her “Maverick Model” guided Dr. Sam Hazledine to clinch the gold ring as the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

A Star Presenter at Tony Robbins Leadership Academy Sharing How to Break Out

For 14 consecutive years, Deb steps onto the main stage to rousing applause: her reputation as an innovator in coaching success pathways precedes her. From London to Australia, this leader patiently shares how to step away from the ordinary.

A Star Sales Rep Who Wins…and Shares How You Can Do It Too!

Deb doesn’t just talk a good game – she’s competed and taken first place. In fact, as a RE/MAX Hall of Famer, she has bested competitors and ranked in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the country. She takes this drive and turns it into useful mindful shifts that mavericks can use.

Solving the Puzzles of Life and Business

As a self-described “puzzle geek,” Deb takes her curiosity to the realm of business constantly challenging assumptions and asking “why?” Although her family knows not to bet against her in Clue or Monopoly, her clients know that her savvy questions leads to solvent answers.

A Respected Author, Contributor, and Authority in Her Field

As a contributor to the 2013 best seller, Overcoming Mediocrity…..and with 2 books behind her: Stop That! Start This! and Grandma’s Magic Mirror, as well as her unique emMatrix Coaching Model, Deb has an established reputation as a game changer. Look for her new Maverick Moves book due in 2014.