HO HO HO . . . Holiday Overwhelm! Part 1

December 2, 2015 1 Comment

4 Ways to Handle Holiday Stress

ho ho ho holiday overwhelmAs exciting as the holidays are they can make you go over the edge at times.

When holiday overwhelm strikes, it’s easy to feel pressured, powerless and even immobile. Everything feels too big. It’s more than just everyday busyness and packed schedules.

When we’re overwhelmed – especially at the holidays – just doing simple tasks can become a monumental effort.

Here are 4 ways to handle holiday overwhelm. Next week, I’ll share 5 more.

Make it easy on yourself and pick just one of these ideas that resonates with you and put it into action:


Remember you don’t have to do everything yourself. It’s okay to ask others for help with decorating, shopping, baking as well as the usual tasks that don’t disappear this time of year. Gather support around you.


When feeling crushed by holiday overwhelm, stop for a moment and take several deep, relaxing breaths. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can create a feeling of well being.


Say “No” to new requests for your time, and negotiate previous commitments to better support your time and resources.



Do some form of movement for even just 5-10 minutes. Dancing is my favorite! Put on some great music and take a dance break. Choose holiday music IF it will uplift you. Choose something else if holiday music won’t cut it.

You can also jog, walk, or do some stretching exercises. All of these movements will increase adrenaline and endorphins, the body’s natural antidepressants.

It’s Not About the To-Do List

Remember, dealing with holiday overwhelm isn’t really about ticking items off a to-do list. It’s about connecting with what has meaning for you, with what feeds and enlivens you.

Your maverick move, should you decide to make it, is to create a holiday experience that is uniquely yours and uplifts you. That’s what will make the holidays fun and enjoyable.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season.

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