Meet Deb Battersby: maverick-minded success coach to entrepreneurs.

Deb-Battersby-SpeakingAs an in-demand speaker on Business Success Formulas and Extreme Personal Achievement, Deb has spoken to thousands around the globe from New York to Sydney; She coaches an international clientele on the “Maverick Mindset” to unleash potential and accelerate growth and profits.

Program topics include:

Sales Secrets of Legendary Mavericks: 4 Silver Bullets to Close the Deal & Make More Money

Regardless of your product or service lots of sales have to be made for your business to thrive. Saddle up and ride into new sales territory with Deb.

Get a fresh perspective on your prospects. Find out:

  • What to look and listen for,
  • What to leverage and
  • How to lead the sales process with skill & confidence. 

Success Loves SPEED™: The 5 Star System for More Sales and Mighty Profits

Decisive, expedient, action accelerate and compound success. Hesitation and procrastination can steal it just as fast?  One painful experience is all it takes for you to know, first hand, what these success thieves really cost you. But don’t fret; Deb is here to show you how to:

  • Rein-in fear
  • Harness focus
  • Give your vision the advantage of SPEED! 

And everyone knows Success Loves Speed!

Speak to Build Your Business, Brand & Bank Account

This session is all about getting your name out and letting people know who you are and why YOU are the go to expert in the area.  You will discover the What & How to share your MESSAGE. . .

  • Meet the Unspoken Needs of your Prospects/Clients.
  • Establish Rapport & Become Memorable.
  • Set Yourself Apart as the “Go To Expert”.
  • Showcase Your Personal Brand.
  • Ask for Referrals.
  • Grow Your Prospect List.
  • Exude Confidence, Authority and Authenticity.

… and become a – MOST WANTED – resource!

Deb shares how to get it done!

Success Mavericks 3MR: Mission Mindset Money Roundup

This session is about getting and staying motivated as well sharpening your mental and emotional edge so you can attract more clients and close more transactions.

Deborah will help you:

  • Get clear on WHY you are in this business and who will benefit from your success.
  • Remove common barriers to your next level of success.
  • Choose success rituals to ensure accelerated progress
  • Maintain motivation and consistency.
  • Draft your Success Blueprint

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